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Name:A place for fans of Camelot
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Camelot


This show officially started just a few days ago, and I noticed a terrible lack of communities about it. Yet it seems so worth it! So, ladies, gentlemen, Knights and Sorcerers here it is one.

As the name says this community is for fans, therefore anything related with being a fan is accepted.

Fan art, discussions, questions, graphics, news and links, caps, photos, fanfictions and whatever comes to your mind.

Yes, fanfiction are included and ALL GENRES are accepted: GEN, HET or SLASH.
We all know that virtually fanfiction are a big part of any fandom, and we're pretty sure things won't be different for this one. In this community all fanfictions' genre are accepted because we don't DISCRIMINATE. A fanfiction is fanon by definition, so it's open to all possible pairings.

There'll be rules, in the header of the fic, outside the cut, must be specified: genre, rating, warnings..
so, if someone won't like the genre or pairing or whatever he/she can just skip the entry.

Easy, right? Both flames and mean criticism to any M/M or F/F focused entry will be taken as intollerance and therefore the user will be banned.

This is not imposing slash on anyone, it's just letting people free of reading/posting about homosexuality or just skip and ignore it. If you're too narrow minded to like that, please, just click the back button and don't join.

Rules are not so original:

- Be respectful of other members. Concrits are ok, flames or rudeness are not, and you'll be banned.

- Be respectful of actor's private lives. We really don't care to know who slept with who or to see pics of Eva's neighboor ;)

- Don't spam. If you want to pimp something just ask one of the mods and we'll probably say yes, but it's nice for us to know first ;)

- More rules and details here :)

Note: all posts will be friends only, so you have to join, not only watch the community in order to see the entries.

Credits: Info header by [personal profile] chainer_morgana

If you're interested you can also find us at:
[ profile] camelotfans
Come pay a visit, we have cookies! :P

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